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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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surgery to reconstruct her trachea. that surgery took place yesterday. her family even posted on social media some before and after pictures and about a day later, her father overdosed and so did another woman. the 32-year-old woman is now dead, her father was found unresponsive. according to court documents, hospital staff found 31-year-old leslie landers on the bathroom floor of his baby's room. he had a heroin syringe in his arm and two others were found. staff were able to revive him. documents show staff also found a loaded handgun in his pants pocket. he now faces several charges. this family from alabama has been very public about their daughter's medical issues. i found her story posted on numerous social media sites, facebook, there is also a go fund me account page set up where the family asked for help
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cincinnati and also with help with expenses to provide care for their other daughter while the couple is here. johnson, wlwt news 5. sheree: karin, thank you, landers has been charged with tonight. mike: in other news tonight, two children falling through the ice in brown county, their screams catching the attention of neighbors who dialed 911. sheree: those neighbors knew that there was no time to wait for emergency crews to arrive, so they decided to start their rescue on their own. wlwt news 5 brian hamrick has brian. brian: neighborhood are stunned when they hear two children, 8 and 12 years old screaming for help. when the boys crashed through the ice, a chill shot through an entire community. >> i said call 911. there is a boy that fell through the ice. brian: pam knew time was
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emergency crews. >> i just heard him yelling help, help. sweet jesus, please help him. i said, john, please help this boy is drowning, help him. brian: pam's son john had arrived. >> it had to be done. it meant getting in the water swimming, whatever, i had to save them. brian: john grabbed the boat and headed to the partially frozen lake. >> they're in the lake, my son is in a robot trying to get to them. the ice is so thick. brian: with this extension cord and life jacket, the family basically ma gifered a rescue. >> the boys were holding on to the boat. brian: pam can see what happened. she just doesn't retell the story, she relives it. >> he told them, i said i won't let you drown and he didn't. he is my hero.
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pam: my husband is my hero. i'm so thankful, i thank god that these two boys are going to make it. brian: a call to 911 and an answer to prayer. now firefighters say the boys went out on the lake by themselves to go ice fishing. sheree. sheree: so glad that story has a happy ending. the boys spent some time at children's hospital, but both are recovering tonight and are expected to be just fine. also tonight, a scam alert out of grant county. the sheriff telling us reports are coming into his office as people posing as insurance agents in the county and going door to door claiming to sell insurance policies. the sheriff's office says that you should not give them any money. also reminding you tonight to always verify that someone really is who they claim to be before ever giving them any money or personal information. mike: kentucky's new governor making big cuts to the state's transportation cabinet. the governor has ordered more
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this budget to offset an estimated shortfall in road fund revenue. the shortfall is blamed in part on lower gas prices and more fuel efficient vehicles that do not need fill-ups as often. cabinet officials say that no jobs will be cut, but projects statewide will have to be scaled back or perhaps delayed. low cost airliner frontier is adding new nonstops right out of c.b.g. they are adding nonstop service to l.a., san francisco, houston, and philadelphia bringing the number of flight destinations up to 11. most of the new flights will start in mid-april. frontier expanding its flight destinations nationwide adding 42 new nonstop routes. fehrs are starting at $79. sheree: a tradition that started in europe is a way for couples to show their commitment to one another has spread right here to cincinnati. mike: love locks popping up on
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including one in our area. jenell walton explaining why they're being cut off from the purple people bridge. hi, jenell. jenell: hi there, michael, over the years, dozens of couples have put their locks on the bridge as a sign of their love, but as they say, love fades and so has love. like a hallmark movie, couples in love walking across the purple peoplele bridge hand in hand to fasten their locks to the rails as a sign of their undying love. >> it just seemed sweet. jenell: the locks of love have now hit a sour note with the owners of the bridge. dozens of the locks were removed over the past few weeks because of the concern of the weights of the padlocks and the graffiti love notes that came with them. >> there is a lot of little hearts and things that say so and so plus so-and-so forever and it's kind of cute. jenell: this couple have been married a little over 40 years.
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it takes to make a marriage work. fastening locks to a bridge isn't one of them. >> we're kind of glad to see it gone. >> it's a sweet idea, but it gets to look rather ugly after awhile. >> a little tacky. love never looks tacky. but that's a lock, a better way to show it. >> when you get thousands of locks -- >> it does. jenell: as one poet wrote, love never dies. >> people will start putting them back, that might be a new one, young people who are in love will be in love forever. jenell: and indeed there were more locks on the bridge today, so for now, they're there, but the plan is to remove those as well. jenell walton, wlwt news 5. mike: jenell, since those locks will be taken away, the plan is
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bridge with fresh paint this spring. sheree: a big game this weekend means a lot of big bats and the mayor's of bengals nation and steelers country are all in tonight. they have added a little kick to the food wager. wlwt news 5 john london is live with us at paul brown stadium with what they have agreed to, john. john: it will be painful for the mayor of the losing city because he is going to have to wear the jersey and team colors of the mayor of the winning city and from a public image standpoint, that's a high stakes bet. don't know if they have heard about the bet yet, but the construction workers have their game face on. so do fans inside local watering holes like the holy grail where visions were acceptability. >> can you imagine our mayor wearing those colors? >> no, i cannot. pressure on the bengals for sure. john: fans display who they
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>> when you heard it was the steelers, did your heart -- >> we kind of saveng a little bit. john: cincinnati's mayor will host his pittsburgh counterpart at the game saturday night. he has put up gold star chili, greater sundays and bill has wagered sandwiches and mac and cheese. the looser must serve meals at a local service house wearing the other team's jersey. >> first, i think it's going to happen. if it does, i'm a man of my word and we'll follow through with the bet. john: which would mean he would dish out goodies here at city gospel mission where bengals regularly visit and do so wearing steelers colors. you're not supplying the mayor with a steelers jersey? >> we would not waste our funds on that. money. john: downtown buildings will be bathed in light for the game that is on everyone's lips. >> everyone i talked to today, that's all they want to talk think? john: so there you have it. as reporters are supposed to
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this, but this may be one significance where it's @ fitting to turn your back on the mayor and maybe, i don't know, you at home might be able to screen capture this and send this to him from john london reporting live, wlwt news 5. sheree: i like it, john, it's been 25 years and we are due and by the way, if the bengals win, the mayor will wear orange and black at the light of life rescue mission in pittsburgh. boy, we hope to see that. if the steelers win, the mayor will wear steelers colors while serving food at the city gospel mission. mike: the rivalry between the bengals and steelers is fueling ticket sales as you can imagine. one local ticket vendor not above playing a little dirty by turning away the pittsburgh fans. travis jackson with 333 seats said as soon as he realized that the bengals would be taking on the steelers in the playoffs, ticket demand took off.
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don't have to sell to anyone calling with a 412 area code, that's pittsburgh and in all of the ticket packages shipped out, they have yet to send any to the greater pittsburgh area. sheree: before saturday night's showdown, we have a special showdown with the steelers. we're going to show the history between the two teams and the connections they share. it all starts at 7:00 tonight. mike: maybe being an underdog at home, not expecting it, maybe that will change the course of that. sheree: steeler fans being very confident. i want to be nice. mike: very cocky. using technology in new ways. sheree: patients receiving the best care possible. one local hospital hopes to become a model for others. >> the idea that you would be constructing your own understanding of history and making meaning of it in the way that was meaningful to you. mike: imagining the future by looking at the past.
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showing off the city's rich history. kevin: after a couple of days of dry weather around here, you guessed it, more rain is on the way. i'll let you know when it will get here and the possibility of a good soaking for the playoff
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i'll outline the you're watching cincinnati's wlwt news 5 leading the way. sheree: a new 24-hour day pilot
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taking off. mike: putting local specialists in contact with patients more than before. using an ipad on one end and a webcam on the other, they can provide inpatient consultations to hospitals and people far away in other states using this equipment. clinical support and remote monitoring are also main portions of the program to connect patients with top health experts. >> think about the cost of traveling for the patient and intangible and cost to the family member to bring that patient over here which can be completely avoided by providing this technology. mike: u.c. health is hoping to develop a hub and a model in the region for delivering specialty care to communities where it may not be available. sheree: new signs popping up are now capturing the attention
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the wlwt news 5's miriah turner has a look. miriah: they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. 70 new photographs on the streets of one of the nation's most historic districts are offering viewers more, windows peering into the past. there is so much history history in over the ryan. yet a lot of people don't know a lot about it. miriah: the new look here exhibit in one of cincinnati's oldest neighborhoods is two years in the making. black and white photos illustrate what familiar places look like at other periods in time while creating an active experience for viewers. >> so some of the images are pointing out, oh, here is a building that still exists today, there is a vacant lot next to it. look what we have lost. i would love it if that would inspire people to be really thoughtful about taking care of the historic fabric that we have left in over the ryan.
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miss them. you'll see drastic changes and history repeating itself. right outside music hall, we have the new tracks for the streetcar. this photo was taken on the cincinnati. the historic photographs range in time from the late 19th century through the 1940's educating some and preserving the memories of others, like this personal photograph donated to the project of then 3-year-old joe an elson rob wading in the pool outside music hall 80 years ago. >> there is a real power to that idea that history happened right in this spot where i'm standing right now. it's not something that i had to learn about in a textbook, but it's actually sort of echoing all around us all the time. miriah: in silence, the photos stand as a reflection of time gone by. many were reframed from explanation challenging viewers to ask questions, find personal
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understanding of their place in the queen city's history. in over the ryan, miriah turner, wlwt news 5. sheree: so the exhibit runs until march, you can find a map to all of those pictures and some more as well as explanations on mike: it is a big day for the newport aquarium after its shark ray sweet pea gave birth to nine pups, six famous and three males were born weighing in around two pounds each. the aquarium says this is the only shack ray in the world to have two documented pregnancies and birthdays. the births are a part of the shark ray breeding program aimed at improving the long-term sustainability of the species. >> cincinnati's certified most accurate forecast. kevin: well, we had a real bonus day today, temperatures overachieved. we climbed to 50 degrees this afternoon after a very cold start. the good news is that we'll
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note. discuss. one of the big changes, rain returning after a couple of days of dry weather. it looks like we got a good chance for rain tomorrow morning when you wake up and then a good soaking likely to come during the playoff game saturday night. at least as i mentioned, the weekend starts mild and then it's going to turn colder. why the cold doesn't look like it's going to stay in a permanent place over the area as we head into next week, next week will resemble more like january should than what we have seen around here as of late. most areas running five to 10 degrees warmer. that's evidence of the milder night that we're going to experience across the area. while it will be chilly, it won't be quite as cold as the past couple nights have been. a couple of reasons why, clouds will fill the skies as we go throughout the evening hours. instead of a quick drop-off, we fall the next couple of hours and temperatures will begin to steady out as we get towards midnight. we should be down to 38 by the time you join us for news 5 at
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temperatures across the area, it's milder to the south and west because cloud cover has arrived a little bit sooner. 45 in florence, holding close to 50 in walton, and you can still see a little bit of blue sky out there. you can see the streaks of clouds building to build in. the cloud cover will overspread the area tonight. it's 43 officially at the airport, winds on the calm side. into the atlantic, the winds have turned around to the south. we have opened the door up for warmer weather. we're making room for the storm area. clouds are running well in advance of that. the wet weather will come in first thing tomorrow morning. clouds overnight tonight increasing. i expect rain for the morning rush.
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a cold rain. as we get towards the afternoon hours, the rain really tapers off. i don't think it rains all day. it will stay gloomy looking. tomorrow night, it shall be drier, i won't rule out a sprinkle or a stray shower. i don't expect a lot of rain after tomorrow morning. most of saturday during the daytime hours looks dry. however, it looks like, while it may be dry for the folks tailgating, by the time the game against underway, a good soaking is expected on saturday evening and colder air begins to spill in on the back side of that, a wet snowflake or two, not a big deal. the bigger story is the cold weather sunday into next week. for the game, though, saturday evening, tailgating, as i mentioned, temperatures mild, 45 to 50 for the game, it starts dry at the beginning, but at kickoff, a steady soaking across the area. big changes in the jet stream, get ready for a weather pattern change. right now we are on the mild side of this jet stream, that
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things will change, though, as we head into friday, it stays mild. as we head into saturday, it stays mild. look at the big dip beginning to develop and look at all of this blue and pink, very cold air sliding in here early next week and most of next week should look more like january should for us. highs in the 20's and 30's and our nights cold in the teens. so 37 for a low tonight underneath increasing clouds compared to the 20's and the teens of the past couple of nights. that's not too bad. tomorrow, 48 for an afternoon high, gloomy with showers. your day planner, 38 at 8:00 a.m., 43 by lunchtime and cruise our way into the mid 40's. temperatures will hold steady tomorrow night. it should be mild. and the 54 on sunday and temperatures take a big tumble on sunday. by the time you wake up sunday morning, it will be much colder, it will be in the 30's most of the day on sunday.
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17, 24 on weapons, break out the heavy coats next week. mike: but mild for the bengals, thank you. dalton update, did andy actually get a chance to toss the ball around at practice? sheree: it seems bengals assistant coaches are in high demand every year, gruden and zimmer and george vogel is
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offensive and george: there appear to be no surprises for saturday's playoff game. the guys who we thought were going to be out, appear to be out. welcome back, everyone. andy dalton was unable to practice again today, the same with steelers running back deangelo williams, but there is still plenty of firepower for both offenses to rely on. take the steelers' antonio brown. player of the month. in the past five games, he had 51 catches. he had 13 for 187 yards against the browns last week, but so
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to keep brown's numbers from going off the charts. >> he is one of the best in the league. they have a good group around them, well put together. >> we got a good group, too. we'll see how it goes. george: get you ready for the game tonight, what to expect on the field, what to expect as you head downtown and what to expect as you head inside the stadium, all of that on our ready to roar special beginning tonight at 7:00. meanwhile the bengals coaching staff is in demand. according to reports, offensive coordinator hue jackson will be talking to the browns, 49ers and dolphins on sunday and defensive coordinator paul gunther will be interviewing with the browns and the eagles. certainly the success of mike zimmer and jay gruden hasn't hurt the cause for marvin's assistants. the latest inductees for baseball's hall of fame met with the media in new york. ken griffey jr. and mike piazza. junior spent nine years with the reds but this was after he
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it will be a mariners hat on his plaque that will hang in the hall. >> i want to be the first in the hall of fame to be able to wear a mariners hat and be the first mariner to go in the hall of fame as a mariner. that's one of the part of the decisions that i needed to make. george: no surprise there. in college basketball today, u.c. at undefeated s.m.u. and louisville at n.c. state. the cats could certainly use that big win on the road and xavier 14-1 after winning last night at st. john's. mike: 32 minutes from right now, ready to roar special, bengals and steelers, we'll be watching it. sheree: tomorrow it looks like rain moves in. kevin: some showers tomorrow morning for the commute and good soaking rains for the game on saturday.
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